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The most difficult tongue to learn!!!

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The most difficult tongue to learn!!! - Page 2 Empty Re: The most difficult tongue to learn!!!

Post  JEANP on Sun May 22, 2016 11:52 am

reyna_USA wrote:
Wojtek wrote:
reyna_USA wrote:Portuguese is very similar to Spanish (both comes from Latin) I can understand most of what they say, although I do not speak the language, only know a few words.

I always said that Portuguese is a tougher Spanish. I looove Spanish, Portuguese not so much Very Happy

Just like Czech or Slovak is a softer Polish.
Spanish is very nice, but all latins do not speak with the same accent. I know when someone is Mexican, Colombian, Venezuelan, Dominican, etc. Because of their accent, very different each one of them.
In Puerto Rico & Dominican Rep. we call the word CAKE in Spanish "bizcocho" but in Mexico they say "pastel" and in Spain they say "torta", just giving you a plain example. We speak the same language, but sometimes we do not understand what they are saying (meaning some words and the same happens to them and the rest of the latins)
Also in Spanish the letter 'H" does not sound like HELLO we say HOLA (it is pronounce Ola)
Here are some tips for beginners......

It's the same with french language! ^^ As exemple for say " a ring binder" in Belgium they say "une farde", in France we say "un classeur" and in Québec (the french-speaking part of Canada) they say "un cartable". And in France and Belgium "un cartable" it's "a schoolbad.".

In Spain foir "cake". I think that they also say "pastel" because in France we learn the spanish of spain and I always ear "pastel". They surely say both or that bizcocho" is more modern and more use. I don't know ^^

I always thought that the most language to learn was chinese, japanese or arabic. Even for me slavic language look also difficult to learn (even they are so beautifull!)  =)

French is also difficult :/

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