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Post  Anonymní Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:32 am

Did any athlete touch your heart during the Olympic Games? Was there a person you cheered for? Or even cried? These are my all-time-favourites forever:


Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 Dghxnb

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Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 6q8f4i

Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 Jl54si

Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 6xx2jq

Svetlana is without a doubt the queen of the Olympic Games. Truly a diva and the best gymnast ever. She was robbed of her gold medal in the 2004 OG when the judges "accidently" took a bigger dismount on her final routine and gave the medal to some unknown fixed cheater from USA. Everybody will remember the true winner though.


Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 11b6ux0

Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 14y5niq

Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 Wgymc5 Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 Nbw0hu

Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 105ur10 Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 2hy8nr4

Olga finished 4th in the all-around competition this year. Very sad because she is truly a unique rhythmic gymnast. Her routines have an insane difficulty and that's the reason why she makes a lot of mistakes while performing. I hope she can go to the next Olympics and win a medal there.


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That's just a real shame how the Russian God was treated in Greece. He is the compete package. Watch the video to see how crappy the Olympics really are today. It's not about sport anymore. Baaah just disguisting.


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Lena is ready for her 3rd gold medal. London watch out! Nobody can beat our Elena for over 8 years now. She is a very natural and sweet girl. Her presense is always very emotional and everybody just melt when they see her smile. Her current world record is 5,05. I bet it will be 5,10 soon.


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Never been a fan of Anna's routines, most of them are quite boring and too emotional for me (except for the ribbon). But unfortunetely the Ukranian girl is soooo charismatic and has all the audience on her side. Plus she looks like a real Goddess with her hair pulled back together. She may retire soon.

+ + Some new young hopeS + +

Katya Kramarenko

Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 64nujs

and Ksenia Semyonova

Your OLYMPIC Hero <3 2cpwz5u

And now post your FAVOURITES! bounce


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Post  bonner Sat Dec 27, 2008 2:49 am

i dont watched olympics and besides our country is just nothing... Crying or Very sad

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