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Post  bonner Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:59 pm

First of All Welcome to Pageant Mania Forum

"WELCOME TO OUR FORUM !!! Feel free to express yourself. Here you can share comments, news, pictures or any kind of information, we celebrate the passion for beauty pageants but we believe in EDUCATION and RESPECT. In any post is not allowed any kind of insults, racist/homophobic comments or any other kind of bad behavior to other members or contestants. The forum is moderated.:

How the forum Works:

1. One Thread per Beauty Queen ,if you will post pictures, latest updates or a thread of a specific beauty queen , search first her name if already available here.

****Information about the forum **** Pm1v

If the thread already existing then continue posting on the thread, if not yet available then make any thread for her. Wink

2. If you cant search her thread..or if you want an easy way to find a specific thread of a beauty queen
for example you want to find Gloria Diaz 'Miss Universe 1969'

Go to Miss Universe section

****Information about the forum **** Pm2f

And click the "Index of Miss Univeries Galleries"

****Information about the forum **** Pm4tq

And there you will see the index of Miss Universe threads..just simply click the names and you will go directly on the specific thread...

****Information about the forum **** Pm3ja

Index for Miss World, International, & Earth are also available in their respective section.

3. How to make new Thread

If a newly queen was crowned and you want to make a thread for her,for example if she will compete in Miss Universe then go to Miss Universe section and click the New Topic

****Information about the forum **** Pm5dn

Write first the 'title of the topic' ex.
"Venus Raj (Universe 2010)"

****Information about the forum **** Pm6p

After posting pictures and her info

just simply click the send button

4. How to post pictures

From Facebook etc Just simply copy the url

****Information about the forum **** Pm7m

And paste it here.

****Information about the forum **** Pm8w

If you made the banner or edited one

you can use some sites.. like (which im using)

****Information about the forum **** Pm9p

browse the pictures that you made and upload it in the site.. after uploading just copy the direct link of the images and paste it here. Wink

****Information about the forum **** Pm10

5. The Pageant Mania Archives.
"If the Pageant season is done, for example Miss Universe 2011 already done , we usually move all 2011 topics to the Archive section, and the Miss Universe section will have its new season for the next year ,ex 2012 topics is the only available in the section.

So if you want to visit the past Miss Universe just simply go to PM Archives section

****Information about the forum **** Pm11v

And click the specific years. (We start covering pageants in 2008)

****Information about the forum **** Pm12v

6. Always check if you have messages here

****Information about the forum **** Pm13

For some important announcement Wink

7. We focus in Beauty Pageant here, so do not post threads like

"Who is your favorite forumer"
"Who is your crush here"
Name calling and other blah blah blah

You can ask those questions through pm

Anyway We have Chatroom Section
You can share some out of the topic

****Information about the forum **** Pm14

We have specific section inside the chat room like Pageant Talk, Birthday section, Showbiz palace

****Information about the forum **** Pm15

8. How to put avatar picture

****Information about the forum **** Pm17

First Go to your Profile

****Information about the forum **** Pm16

Click the Avatar then upload picture from your computer

****Information about the forum **** Pm18

Or if you want bigger and fix avatar, edit the picture, re-size it, upload in or any sites, get the direct link and post it here

****Information about the forum **** Pm19

click the Save Button

9. Friend and Foes

****Information about the forum **** Pm20

You can add your friends here so that you can use it when you are sending messages

****Information about the forum **** Pm21

If you dont want to read post from a specific member you can add him as your foe Wink

****Information about the forum **** Pm22

Always check also if you have friend request

10. Information (If you want to add or edit about your profile)

****Information about the forum **** Pm23z

****Information about the forum **** Pm24

11. If you have more question, suggestions and problem about the forum you can post in this section

****Information about the forum **** Pm25

12. The Tags

If you post or reply in a thread for the first time, you will have this tag automatic

****Information about the forum **** Pm26

If you have a total post of 75 then you will have this tag automatic

****Information about the forum **** Pm27

Prime Minister are the one who is in charge in the national pageant section. But not all country have already its Prime Minister , so if you are willing to updates your national pageants in your respective section. Then Send PM to Wojtek for the tags.

****Information about the forum **** Pm28

Other tags are given by the Admins Wink

13. Announcement & Sticky

****Information about the forum **** Pm29

Admins, Moderators can only make the thread as global announcement , announcement , & sticky which is visible always. If you are Prime Minister you can make your thread in your respective National section as announcement and sticky

Just look the the option below when you are making a thread.

****Information about the forum **** Pm30

14. Post Reply

You can post Reply from a certain topic by clicking the post reply button that you can see above or below of the topic

****Information about the forum **** Pm31

If you want to reply a specific post you can click the quote, you can also delete it and edit the post you made

****Information about the forum **** Pm32

15. If you visit a thread and you want to go in other section, you can use the jump tool which you can see below the topic ,just find a specific forum and click the go button to go in the forum section directly

****Information about the forum **** Pm33

16. Important Announcement are shown above the Home

****Information about the forum **** Pm34

17. View Post Since Last Visit,View Your Post, & view unanswered post

****Information about the forum **** Pm35

View Post Since last visit - New post since you are not online
View Your post - Those thread you posted and threads you have replied, some of this were updated
View Unanswered post - those post you might missed

18. How to add videos

I just simply copy the embed in you tube and post it here Wink

****Information about the forum **** Pm36

Hope it will help you this especially those Newbies Very Happy

I dont have good English so im sorry for that

PS: Admins/Moderator - Add or edit my post if i forgot something thanks Very Happy


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Favourite Miss : Lalaine Bennett (Philippines Universe 1963 - From our Town Bayombong)
Rachel Smith(Miss USA 2007)
Angela Martini (Miss Albania Universe 2010)

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Post  dakkudaddy Tue Dec 20, 2011 10:50 am

thank buddy for your help Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Favourite Miss : Lara Dutta, Amelia Vega, Amrita Patki, Suzane Sablok,Nafisa Joseph (R.I.P)
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Post  Lucky Tue Dec 20, 2011 11:13 am

Great job, bonner, very useful!

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****Information about the forum **** Empty Re: ****Information about the forum ****

Post  Wojtek Tue Dec 20, 2011 3:41 pm

WOW, fantastic job bonner! -5t3f43- -5t3f43- -5t3f43-

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Favourite Pageant : None
Favourite Miss : Aneta Kreglicka, Alyssa Campanella
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