Miss Heritage 2015 World Finals Hosted In Zimbabwe 1113

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Miss Heritage 2015 World Finals Hosted In Zimbabwe 1113
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Miss Heritage 2015 World Finals Hosted In Zimbabwe

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Miss Heritage 2015 World Finals Hosted In Zimbabwe Empty Miss Heritage 2015 World Finals Hosted In Zimbabwe

Post  MissHeritage Sun Aug 16, 2015 10:07 pm

Seems to us that the Founder and President of Miss Heritage Tare Munzara , has moved his pageant from South Africa to Zimbabwe, because of the unproffesional Manner of which his potential investors were behaving. He mentions that the professionalism started with no declaring investment, spending at own will and no accounting or audits, refusal to sign agreements, and also sleeping with contestants in Camp .Tare Munzara goes on to say that , he is still in charge and always be in charge of Miss Heritage. 

The Pageant founder and President says that Zimbabwe shall be the host country for Miss Heritage 2015 and so countries are preparing for Zimbabwe that shall be Held in Harare Zimbabwe 30th of October to 8th of December featuring 30 countries.The founder and the President of the Pageant  Mr Tare Munzara d decided to bring back the pageant to its home country .The theme for this year, shall be '' I love my Heritage ''.

This is his statement pertaining to 2015 Pageant

''In 2012 The journey to pageantry with meaningful constructiveness in concept and structure, began, as I had a dream sat in the Majestic Victoria falls on holiday, Miss Heritage was born. As I told those close to me it seemed truly far-fetched and a dream which they stated was impossible due to the economic and geographical reasons. AS months moved, I began to draft concepts, as I developed the dream at odd hours
As I was standing at East gate mall I further convinced those that I held as associates, that it was possible to do Miss Heritage basing on the fact that others from Europe, Asia and America had done it before and still are doing. I said, if they could do it, we can do it also. We then did it in 2013 against all odds, same with 2014 and this year the special edition is to be shown to the world.

As founder and President, I hereby announce once again that the place of Birth for Miss Heritage, which is Zimbabwe shall be hosting from October 30- November 8 , Miss Heritage 2015, and no other place is hosting this remarkable revolutionary pageant. Zimbabwe is the founding country and the base station ownership for the Pageant. I shall be receiving an International award in Netherlands, in my personal capacity as best African in Promoting Culture in the African continent and this award goes to each and every stake holder.

On the behalf of my board of directors I would love to thank all those all over the world that have been supporting since we began and to our new fans also. Over 40 confirmed countries are to participate at this event, as the beauty Queens battle for te coveted Title of ‘Miss Heritage 2015’’ Let us all prepare to indulge ourselves into this year’s Edition hosted in Zimbabwe, the home of the big five, the country of Robert Mugabe the Revolutionary and African hero, the home of the Mighty Victoria falls and the safest and most beautiful destination of all times. If you can dream it , you can live it. Dreams are worth more than money.'''

Looks like Miss Heritage President is still on fire, going hard on his pageant despite all the challeneges he has faced in Africa... I guess its back to Zimbabwe once again


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