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Miss Universe 2016 - NATIONAL COSTUMES - Page 3 1113
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Miss Universe 2016 - NATIONAL COSTUMES

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Post  Farah Vavaihan Sun Jan 29, 2017 6:07 am

65th Miss Universe: Miss Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj and the backstage accident full of Heart onstage

Credits to Norman Blog
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Not a lot of pageant fans and watchers are aware that the “Chamarel” National Costume of Miss Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj was made by Miami-based Filipino Designer Kirsten Regalado, and that Filipino kids (including an orphaned child) from La Consolacion College in Bacolod City helped make the entire ensemble.

But fewer individuals know that – during the National Costume segment at the Preliminary Competition – a backstage drama unfolded when an accident happened to Miss Mauritius. The caped train of her attire was accidentally stepped on and she fell straight to the floor – face and head first. Suddenly, blood was oozing from out of her lips/face and dripping down her neck to the upper part of her costume. Everybody, including other candidates who were already wearing their heavy attires, rushed to her side and helped her get up. She was having difficulty regaining her bearings. That was when the backstage officials asked her not to step out onstage anymore as she might just fall on her knees while navigating the full vertical stretch of the wall to the middle.

But Kushboo cried and pleaded that she cannot possibly be stopped from showcasing her National Costume, especially that the effort that went into finishing the same was meticulously painstaking. She would not let anything stop her from taking her due spotlight.

And so, she was allowed to show herself, just enough to acknowledge the applause of the audience but not to do the walk to centerstage anymore. But when the voice-over announced that her National Costume was made by a Filipino, the cheers from everyone inside the Arena increased.

Instead of just standing at the rear middle part of the stage, Kushboo relied on pure adrenaline rush to get herself to do the long walk regardless of the physical pain she was feeling all over. Her face could not express a full-on smile, but deep inside, she was ecstatic that she was able to cross over.

Now that is what you call a beautiful and brave woman with a heart. And she deserves this blog post because I want you all to know the courage she went through that night during the Preliminaries.
Farah Vavaihan
Farah Vavaihan

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