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Post  bonner Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:27 pm

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-yolanda-betbeze
Yolanda Betbeze, Miss America 1951

After winning the 1951 title, Alabaman Yolanda Betbeze shocked pageant organizers and sponsors when she refused to wear a bathing suit in public. Catalina Swimwear withdrew its support as a major sponsor, and founded two rival beauty pageants, Miss USA and Miss Universe. After her reign, Betbeze continued to be outspoken. She marched in civil rights demonstrations, took part in sit-ins in Woolworth's in New York, and later marched in a feminist demonstration against the pageant in Atlantic City.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-leona-gage
Leona Gage, Miss USA 1957

Miss USA 1957 Leona Gage was disqualified and was stripped of her crown when her mother-in-law revealed to the public that she was in her second marriage, that she had two children and that she was only 18 and not 21 as what was noted in her application. It was already announced that Leona was one of the semi-finalists for the Miss Universe crown that year. Her first runner-up assumed the title but did not participate in the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant for missing the preliminaries. Miss Gage explained that she needed the prize money to support her family.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-gladys-zender
Gladys Zender, Miss Universe 1957

There was a controversy regarding Gladys age when she won the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant that year. Her father stated to the press that Gladys was 17 years and 7 months old when she entered the pageant. It was considered below the minimum age of 18. Before the coronation ball, the pageant officials had a closed door meeting to discuss whether they would let Gladys keep the crown. Their verdict was that Gladys would keep the title since in Peru it is customary to round up ages if they are more than six months past their previous birthday.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-marjorie-wallace
Marjorie Wallace, Miss World 1973

Marjorie Wallace was the very first Miss United States to win the Miss World title. The Miss World Organisation claimed that she wasn't upholding the Miss World's reputation when they found out that she was dating several big name celebrities like George Best and Tom Jones during her reign. She was stripped off her title just 104 days after being crowned Miss World 1973. The title was not offered to the runner-up and her name is still listed as the winner for that year.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-amparo-munoz
Amparo Muñoz, Miss Universe 1974

Amparo resigned as Miss Universe after only six months of her reign to pursue a show business career. She then made some b-movies in Spain and made one movie in the Philippines where she was involved in a slapping incident and a scandal involving money. The title was not offered to the first runner-up and she is still listed as the winner that year. Her first runner-up was Helen Morgan, Miss Wales at that time who eventually became Miss United Kingdom and Miss World that same year just to relinquish the title 4 days later due to another beauty pageant scandal.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-helen-morgan
Helen Morgan, Miss World 1974

Helen Morgan was the second Welsh woman and the fourth UK representative to win the Miss World crown in 1974. A media frenzy erupted after it was revealed that Morgan, 22, had a son and was also cited in a divorce case. She resigned four days after winning the crown First runner-up Anneline Kriel of South Africa succeeded her. Helen became the first winner to resign, and just like her predecessor, Marjorie Wallace, she did not finish her reign as Miss World.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-vanessa-williams
Vanessa Williams, Miss America 1984

Vanessa became the first African-American woman to win the Miss America pageant in 1984. She was forced to give up her crown when photos of her, which she had taken prior to the competition, appeared in Penthouse magazine. Vanessa is still recognized as Miss America 1984 by the organization, although Suzette Charles who was her first runner-up and who took over the crown that year is listed as Miss America 1984 as well. She's without a doubt one of the most successful former pageant winners ever.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-alicia-machado
Alicia Machado, Miss Universe 1996

During her reign she suffered weight problems and, in order to keep the title, she was forced by Donald Trump to diet and exercise. In 2005, she participated in a Spanish reality show called 'La Granja' (The Farm) where she was severely criticized for having sex with one of her roommates in front of the cameras. She has posed nude for both the Mexican and the US editions of Playboy, something a Miss Universe had never done before.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-oxana-fedorova
Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe 2002

There was no clarity why she was dethoned but the popular reason that was written often on the news was Oxana's failure to perform the numerous duties expected of a Miss Universe titleholder. Although the Miss Universe Organization refuses to recognize her as a Miss Universe, the international pageant afficionados still consider her as one. Panama's Justine Pasek, Oxana's first runner-up at the 2002 Miss Universe Pageant assumed the title after officially dethroning Oxana on Sept. 23, 2002.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-tara-conner
Tara Conner, Miss USA 2006

Tara Elizabeth Conner's controversy erupted when a New York Daily News reported Conner had tested positive for cocaine, had kissed Miss Teen USA Katie Blair in public, and had sneaked men into their Trump Place apartment. On December 19, 2006, Trump held a press conference saying that Conner would keep the Miss USA title. "I've always been a believer in second chances," Trump said. Tara spent two months in rehab before she turned over her crown to the new Miss USA Rachel Smith.

Credits: Veestarz

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Post  JEANP Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:15 pm

Miss France 1999 (mareva galenter)

After her reign we discover that her uncle waso ne of the udge but after talking she keep her title (i'm not sur of that but i watched it on a video on the miss france controversies)

Miss France 2001 & Miss Europe 2001 (elodie gossuin)

When she competed at Misss universe the Mu organisation accused her to be in reality a men.

Miss France 2004 (laetitia bléger)

Some month after her crowning as miss France 2004 soem phots appeared in the charm magazine Playboy . She was dethroned bu after apologized she keep her her title and representant her contry at the Miss universe pageant in Quito , Ecuador where she was unplaced but finnish at the 16th place. (Note: laetitia say that she was manipulate by the photograph)

During the miss France 2006 pageant trip on a photo a contestant do a "f**"

miss France 2007 (Rachel legrain-trapini)

in 2010 she compete athe frnehc reality secret story during three days aftergenevieve the ex miss france director say that she lost all her values and she did not want to talk to her anymore.

Miss France 2008 (Valerie Bègue)

Some moth after crowning some hot photo of her in a charm magazine she was not dethrones after some decision but she was forbidden to compete in itnernational pageants and the national director choose Laura Tanguy (her 2nd ru) for comepte in international pageants and go to regional pageant after that her 1st runner-up refused.

Miss France 2009 (Chloé Mortaud)

During the final question theo ther contestants shaid bad her too her. She was nt liek by the french and have her controversies with her first runner up as miss ALbigeois Midi-Pyrénées because i don't remeber of what sorry

Miss france 2010 (Malika Ménardà

her controversies is about her first name "Malika. People this that she had morrocan and algerian origin because her name is arabs but in reality she is 100% french. And some french insult her because of that.

Kelly Bochenko (Miss Paris 2009, contestant at Miss France 2010)

Some photo which was near ot be pornografic was publish on a charm magazine . she was dethroned after she compete at the french reality show "la ferme célébrité en afrique" wo is produce by Endemol, same production society who produce the Miss France pageant. after that the national director geneviève de fontenay has decided to left the organisationand start a battle of miss since this sotroies wh is still not finish.

Miss france 2011 (Laury thilleman)
In the maazine (People or an other) was publish one photo of her was she was kissing an other girl in the lips)

Miss National (barbara Morel)

two photo was publish of her one where sha was smoking and the other where wshe was doing a hot kiss to a men where we can see the tongues.

Miss france 2012 (delphine wespirer) has olso some ocntrovorsies.

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Dominique Peltier
Michelle Rouillard
Christianne Martelle
Denise Perrier

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Post  bonner Fri Mar 02, 2012 7:12 am


Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-bess-myerson
Bess Myerson, Miss America 1945

After Bess Myerson had become commissioner of cultural affairs for New York City in the 1980s, she was accused of getting a judge's daughter a job in her department in return for a soft touch for her boyfriend, a sewer contractor charged with tax fraud. Myerson was indicted but later acquitted, and resigned her positions.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-elizabeth-ward
Elizabeth Ward, Miss America 1981

While sex scandals floated around President Bill Clinton, rumors began circulating that he had raped Elizabeth Ward while serving as governor of Arkansas. In 1998, Ward publicly admitted a consensual sexual encounter with the then-governor in 1983. She later said, "I was backed into the corner by the press during the Starr investigation. It made it sound like my experience with Clinton was more like rape. I had no choice but to come forward and say it was consensual sex. It might be noted that a day after my interview went public, the judge in the Paula Jones civil suit dropped the charges against Clinton."

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-kelli-mccarty
Kelli McCarty, Miss USA 1991

Kelli McCarty became a soap opera star after her reign as Miss USA 1991. But after her character was killed off in a freak train explosion in 2006, McCarty apparently left daytime television to play an onscreen lady of the night. "I enjoy acting,and I really like sex ... so this was the perfect opportunity to combine two of my passions," McCarty said. McCarty now works for the company Vivid Entertainment and has just completed work on a 2009 pornographic film titled "Faithless".

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-shannon-marketic
Shannon Marketic, Miss USA 1992

Shannon Marketic, Miss USA 1992, sued royals in the oil-rich nation of Brunei in 1997, saying she had been lured there the year before in a scheme to force her into prostitution. For jurisdictional reasons, the case never got to court, and there were different opinions about how much of her story was true. But the suit brought public attention to the fact that Brunei was an international magnet for models and beauty queens looking to make a lot of money fast.

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-heather-whitestone
Heather Whitestone, Miss America 1995

In 2002, she triggered a controversy among the deaf community when she decided to have a cochlear implant operation in order to hear to an extent in her right ear. She justified it by saying she wanted to be able to hear her son's cries for help. She said on her website that "While I have a cochlear implant in my right ear, I want you to know that I continue to depend on the hearing aid that I wear on my left ear."

Beauty Queens SCANDALS & CONTROVERSIES  Bqsc-shanna-moakler
Shanna Moakler, Miss USA 1995

Shanna Lynn Moakler was the winner of the Miss New York USA pageant in 1995 and was first runner-up at the Miss USA 1995 Pageant won by Miss Texas Chelsi Smith. When Chelsi won Miss Universe 1995, Shanna assumed the title. In December 2001, Shanna Moakler became the first former Miss USA to become Playboy's Playmate of the Month.

Number of posts : 118102
Age : 34
Location : Makati City, Philippines
Favourite Pageant : Miss Universe
Bb Pilipinas
Favourite Miss : Lalaine Bennett (Philippines Universe 1963 - From our Town Bayombong)
Rachel Smith(Miss USA 2007)
Angela Martini (Miss Albania Universe 2010)

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