National Pageant - What is your top 5? and why? 1113

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National Pageant - What is your top 5? and why? 1113
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National Pageant - What is your top 5? and why?

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National Pageant - What is your top 5? and why? Empty National Pageant - What is your top 5? and why?

Post  JEANP Tue Apr 10, 2012 6:05 pm


5)Miss Polonia/Miss Russia

really it's the only pageants which i follow or reallyl ike the live show.

4)Miss Venezuela

Because first i this pageant we have always big great stage. the woman are gorgeous, well remade but gorgeous. Good host (old host were better) and because i lreally the interest that venzeulans have for these pageants.

3) Binipining Pilipinas

Like for Miss Venzuela they have great stage and the thing that i really like in this pageant that we have also in miss venezuela but we feel it more in BP is the interest and the crazyness of filipinos for the beauty pageants. thy use modern music (for the swimsuit competion but evening gown one need it.) And plus i really like filipinos bfemale beauties more than venezuelans. Naural and beautifull and i really learn to appreciate them.


Just because they have great host who hook you to the show. they use wonderfull effect , modern and new songs , wonderfull gowns. The only thing that i'm scared is that USA change the announcments song etc... and because of that it's not like earlier.


With out beeing nationalist Miss france is the best national pageant . We have a great and COLORFULL stage. famous juges like recently the actor Alin Delon, the stylist jean-Pau Gaultier and exes Miss France. We use energic song. And it's show not only based on beauty pageant but a real show with entertaining reportage. Plus that i really like that is a bit enter enter modernity and tradinationality. and that it"s pageant who is made for all people , which made dream the litlle girl to be one day a princess and seld dream and during the preparation trip they travel to a foreigner country abnd like that it's permit us to discover other countryside, culture etc.... the negative points it's jean-pierre foucault who is hoisting the show just for the money.

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Miss Supranational
Favourite Miss : Malika Ménard
Chloé Mortaud
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National Pageant - What is your top 5? and why? Empty Re: National Pageant - What is your top 5? and why?

Post  bonner Wed Apr 11, 2012 5:08 pm

1. Miss USA - The most prestigious National Pageant IMO

2. Bb Pilipinas - IMO the most prestigious National Pageant in Asia Razz

3. Miss Venezuela - well Venezuela is Venezuela

4. Miss Australia Universe - I love this pageant...

5. Ceska Miss - one of the National Pageant in Europe im following

Special mention NP in Russia, Puerto Rico, India, Colombia

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Favourite Pageant : Miss Universe
Bb Pilipinas
Favourite Miss : Lalaine Bennett (Philippines Universe 1963 - From our Town Bayombong)
Rachel Smith(Miss USA 2007)
Angela Martini (Miss Albania Universe 2010)

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